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Columbus Drug Treatment Centers change the course of your life through compassionate, extensive treatment therapy and medical care. Award-winning treatment centers help patients of all types, regardless of gender, health, or socio-economic standing.

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Drug Rehab Facilities in Columbus

Why Don't More People Enter Rehabilitation?

The unsettling forces of addiction can make the addict feel as if he is in a dinghy on an angry sea. It feels like things are hopeless to the addict, that he or she will never see shore again. Their dinghy in this sea of addiction and dependency, unfortunately, is the drug that keeps them afloat. In their heads is the firm, fixed belief that they cannot live without the drug, that if they try they will drown. Those outside know that this is not the case.

It is difficult communicating that or making someone trust in your words when so much about their life is seen through the lens of addiction. Addicts are different than everyone else. The addiction has made them a part of a separate world in a way and until they reach out for help, or someone forces them to get help (court order, involuntary treatment) they will continue to live outside normal society and never know the joys of simple pleasure.

Addiction doesn't just affect the addict--it affects the entire family. Loved ones may feel hurt, scared, and angry. They feel burdened by watching the person they love struggle with substance abuse, while at the same time wanting to take on the burden. Having an addict detox and attempt to quit using substances at home rather than a treatment center can have disastrous results. Many addicts who attempt to treat themselves end up relapsing almost immediately, putting them at risk for negative withdrawal side effects and poor mental health.

The best way to address an addiction is through professional intervention and rehabilitation. Columbus Drug Treatment Centers will help you find the rehab center you need to begin your recovery.

How Do Our Patients Receive Unique Drug Rehab Care?

Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers, see a lot of individuals who have been at sea for a while and are tired of fighting the waves of dependency and the depths of addiction. It is their job to provide that safe haven, and it is something drug rehabs are uniquely capable of doing because they employ board certified medical personnel to oversee this process.

That means that you or your loved one will be able to safely withdrawal from alcohol or drugs without the worry that symptoms of delirium tremens or arrest will go unchecked or unattended to. Many drugs have violent withdrawals, yet another reason why addicts so seldom wish to seek treatment until they have to. Within the confines of a drug detox center equipped to handle trauma and distress, the addict and his or her family has the best possible assurance of safety during this period.

Addiction is not something that is easy for family and friends to understand unless they too are addicted. This type of disease manifestation has both physical, mental, and social symptoms not common with another chronic disease such as hypertension. Addicts can be moody, restless, unable to sleep. They will be happy one minute, sad the next, they may even become violent to themselves or others.

As the addict withdraws from the drug these extreme personality changes are manifested with great frequency as he or she is also suffering from physical symptoms such as nausea, headaches, pains and fever. Drug Treatment Centers and Alcohol Rehab understands the process. They've been through it countless times before with addicts at all levels of addiction. Their staff does not take personally what happens during rehab because we understand that it is a metamorphosis and sometimes that can get a little painful and messy.

Getting Treatment

Columbus Drug Treatment Centers offers help finding treatment centers. Caring staff members at facilities individualize treatment approaches based on each patient's own needs. There are a number of available options to choose from, including alcohol treatment, relapse prevention therapy, and services for family counseling.

Their facilities are residential but they also offer partial hospitalization (PHP) and intensive outpatient programs. Everyone is different. All addiction is different. Some are able to gain the same effects from a partial hospitalization program as residential when their home environment is conducive to recovery.


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