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Multiple arrests involving the growing trend of synthetic drug addiction is cause for alarm in Columbus OH. Doctors are calling these "fake" drugs the most dangerous substances they have seen in years. These synthetic drugs are particularly deadly because one of the many side effects is paranoia. Multiple suicides brought on by paranoia are driving doctors, nurses and deputies to educate their communities about the dangers of these "pretend" drugs and their use and misuse.

Of special concern to health care centers and providers is the synthetic drug preparation called "gravel". Its multiple content includes Meth (Methamphetamine), Klonopin (Clonazepam), and bath salts. It is a small, crystal-like substance that raises blood pressure, speeds up the heart rate and cause damage to the brain. The effects can last anywhere from a few hours to up to eight hours. It is a highly addictive synthetic drug.

"We've actually seen people become paranoid and commit suicide from paranoia," said one emergency room physician. Local law enforcement personnel say these drugs are coming from out of state and flooding the county.


Savvy drug dealers are successfully selling deadly drugs without the usual clandestine movement so indicative of illegal drug sales. How are they doing this? Deceptive packaging and multiple formulations that include legal properties keep synthetic drugs under the radar. This also makes them unbelievably easy to acquire. In fact, as easy as stepping into a convenience store, gas station or tobacco shop. For less than $50.00 you can legally walk out of any of these establishments with a chemically laced substance that has the potential to kill you. These formulations are designed for quick sales to almost anyone. The internet may also be contributing to the rise in popularity of synthetic drugs as well as providing another readily available resource.


Synthetic Cocaine

Bath salts sold as a crystalline powder with names such as Bliss, Blow, Red Dove, Vanilla Sky, and White Lightning.

May contain:

  • MDPV (methylenediozy pyrovalerone),
  • Mephedrone which is a Khat derivative


Synthetic Marijuana

Herbal Incense sold as a smoking mixture with names like Spice, G-Four, K2 and Mojo.

May contain:

  • Unknown chemicals
  • Multiple ingredients that are not listed on the package.

In an effort to address this emerging drug problem, the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has placed bans on selected ingredients. However, with so many formulations possible, it remains a serious problem.

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