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Individuals struggling with an addiction can't control their addictive behaviors and impulses to use drugs or alcohol. Their addiction can spread to other areas of the individual's life and become very harmful. Addiction can go beyond the substances abused. It can include almost anything, such as gambling, shopping and computer gaming, and individuals may require addiction treatment to stop.

Those who are addicted to specific substances may develop tolerance after long-term use and require larger does of these substances in order to experience the same effect. This cycle can lead to chemical dependency and become an addiction if not treated accordingly.

Prescription Medications

Chemical dependency is often associated with illicit drugs. Nevertheless, prescription drug addiction has become a severe public health problem in our nation and around the world. The way pain is treated nowadays is different than years ago. This change in the chronic pain treatment approach has led to a growth in prescription drug abuse. To find treatment programs that will help you to quit prescription medications addiction, call Columbus Drug Treatment Centers at (877) 804-1531.


Although alcohol may produce pleasant effects to some individuals when taken in lower amounts, dangerous effects may also be produced when this substance is consumed in larger amounts. Some individuals drink alcohol at social gatherings since it helps them relax or loose inhibitions. Sadly, the irresponsibility caused by excessive drinking has become the leading cause of serious injury and accidental death.

Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to alcoholism, a mental illness often associated with depression. Drinking excessively can have harmful effects on the individual's health, which may include greater risks of cardiovascular disease, severe liver damage, infertility, and premature aging. Birth defects such as fetal alcohol syndrome can be caused by alcohol abuse.

Quitting alcohol abruptly without professional medical assistance from a drug rehab center can be dangerous. Individuals who drink regularly should do this under the supervision of a physician. This detoxification process may need medication in order to control the severe withdrawal symptoms alcoholics often experience. Some medications can help the user not feel the tempting desire to drink again.

Alcohol treatment is more effective during the early stages of alcoholism than when this illness has fully developed. Early addiction treatment and prevention can help reduce the destructive impact caused by alcoholism.


The initial step on the path to recovery is acknowledgment of the problem. This process can be complicated if the individual seeking addiction treatment does not understand and has not been educated about substance abuse or denial. These cases may require the intervention of friends or family members to prompt the individual to seek treatment.

Since addiction is a disease, individuals diagnosed with this chronic illness tend to relapse. Substance abuse may affect all areas of the individual's life therefore multiple forms of treatment may be required in order for the treatment protocol to be effective. Approach to addiction treatment generally includes a combination of medications and therapy.

Some medications are employed to control cravings and alleviate severe withdrawal. Therapy can also help patients understand their conduct and motivations, acquire higher self-esteem, and manage stress. Other addiction treatment approaches may include:

  • Hospitalization
  • Sober communities with drug-free environments
  • Outpatient programs, such as self-help groups, AA and NA.

It is possible to achieve recovery and live free from the chains of your addiction. To find drug rehabilitation centers that can help you overcome addiction, call Columbus Drug Treatment Centers at (877) 804-1531 today.


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